Words to my frozen one.

Gepubliceerd op 21 mei 2022 om 11:37

Words to my frozen one

I see you,

I feel you,

I embrace you.


You are a part of me!

I hided you,

didn't want to feel the pain,

didn't want to let my tears flow.

Just wanted to be strong.

Showing I could survive,

on my own.

Now I learned,

you are a part of me!


I see you,

I feel you,

I embrace you.


I accept myself


all my feelings.

My doubts,

my fears,

my grieves,

my anger,


It's all part of me!


When I show

who I really am

that's powerful.

By showing the real

and complete me

I invite others around me

to show

who they really are.


By holding space

for my frozen one

it will melt

and no longer

be apart from me,

but a part from me!


Really beiing

who I am

will encourage others

to do so.


So I can feel

and say from my heart:


I see me,

I feel me,

I embrace me.


I love me.


Renate ✨💜