What is channeling- podcast met Kaija

Gepubliceerd op 2 november 2022 om 14:58

Dankbaar voor het mooie interview dat Kaija Signe Mari Helweg van Heart to Heart met mij hield. Het was een fijn gesprek, over channeling in alle vormen, waarbij ik ook enkele zielsklanken mocht laten doorkomen.

Een talk vol inspiratie, over licht en liefde, energie en meer...

Dit is de link naar haar YouTube-kanaal, waar je de opname vindt: https://youtu.be/cykfAhlvDSg

Stralende groet, Renate ✨💜


Haar begeleidende tekst deel ik graag:

* WHAT IS CHANNELING? episode #8A 2 talk with with Renate van der Kwast from coachpraktijk Onyx

My guest in this episode is the beautiful Renate.Renate is a transformational coach and a soul sister. She works with different techniques, like, regression, trance, protocols, EFT, light language and her healing hands. She is a a shaman, a mother and an intiuitiv. She loves nature and animals and supports others to find their light inside.She gives touching readings and plays soul music on her drum, healing through the vibration of the sound.

I had an interesting sound effect coming in, while I was speaking in this interview, like cosmic vibrations.And I decided to do the interview nevertheless. So this universal interference takes part of this video.

You can watch the video on my YouTube channel : https://youtu.be/cykfAhlvDSg

This is an exploring journey about ‚What is Channeling‘ with different guests.You will find from now on every 2. Sunday a new episode on my YouTube channel, most of them in english and some also in german and french.I ask intuitives, healers, light- and loveworkers from all over the world in these interviews about their personal perception and experiences with what can be called ‚channeling‘ or insights, or intuition, the inner voice, messages from the universe or god, a higher source, guides, downloads, alignment, an all-connectdeness or …

If you are resonating with Renates energy and love to get in contact with her, you can find her here : Web : www.coachpratijk-onyx.nlFacebook : https://www.facebook.com/ coachpratijk.Onyx/Instagram : hhttps://www.instagram.com/renatevanderkwastEmail : info@coachpratijk-onyx.neRenate speaks english and dutch.

If you’d love to contact me, you will find all about me and my services here :Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Heart2Heart29/Instagram : https://instagram.com/heart2heart_29/Email : heart2heart29@hotmail.com

I am very curious, what you think and feel about this show, so if you have the feeling, you would like to leave a comment – just do it And if you like to get informed about the next episode – sign up to my channel!

Love Kaija Signe Mari